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Canadian Bahá’í Distribution Service

Messages to Canada

Messages to Canada

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This second edition of Messages to Canada contains the communications from Shoghi Effendi, the Guardian of the Bahá’í Faith, to the Canadian Bahá’í community, covering the years from 1923 to 1957. The guidance and inspiration contained in this volume addresses: the character of Canada and of the Canadian Bahá’í community; the struggles of a young community establishing its identity; recognition of the Canadian Bahá’í community by civil authorities; establishment of national endowments; participation of the Canadian Bahá’í community in the growth of the world Bahá’í community, and its role as coheir of the Divine Plan. Tributes to historic figures in the Canadian Bahá’í community, including May and Sutherland Maxwell, Marion Jack and Siegfried Schopflocher. Many other questions of interest to communities and individuals. This new edition has grown from the thirty-nine communications, constituting the original publication, to a total of over two hundred letters and cables addressed to the National Spiritual Assembly itself, to Local Spiritual Assemblies and groups, to committees, and to a great many individual Canadian believers.

Contributors: Shoghi Effendi
Format: Hardcover book | 294 pages
Publisher: Bahá’í Canada Publications
Published Edition: 1999
Language: English
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